Plant GARDEN(Ver 1.90)

Plant GARDEN (Genome And Resource Database Entry) is a portal site
that curates genome and marker information of various plant species.

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24. Sep. 2022
Apology for the tablet version of the website troubles
14. Sep. 2022
Apology for the fault of access
25. Aug. 2022
Web services of Plant GARDEN and PGDBj have been resumed.Web services will be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenances. (12:00, 19 Aug. ~ 18:00, 24 Aug.)
04. Aug. 2022
For three species, Triticum aestivum (Bread wheat), Triticum turgidum (Durum wheat), and Hordeum vulgare (Barley), the total nucleotide length on the [Genome sequences] page did not show correctly.
12. Jul. 2022
The network maintenance on July 11 was completed.