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Kazusa DNA Research Institute holds all intellectual property and full ownership of the recode medium of PlantGARDEN and copies of the recode medium regardless of the form or medium of the original or the copy. Reproduction or diversion that deviates from the acts permitted under copyright law is prohibited. Data that are secondarily used or provided by PlantGARDEN are so used or provided in accordance with the provisions of the original providers. The usage restrictions on software provided by PlantGARDEN are in accordance with the regulations of the original providers.

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Database URLs may change without notice except for the top page. Please link only to the top-page URL. The database link is free of charge in principle. However, this database does not assume any responsibility for linked sites and their contents.

Links from the following websites are strictly prohibited.
  • Websites containing contents that defame PlantGARDEN and/or the Organization involved in the operation of this database.
  • Websites containing contents that are offensive to public order or morals.
  • Websites containing contents that are illegal or may involve illegal activity.
  • Websites containing contents that obscure independence from PlantGarden by framing or in any other manner.
  • Websites that PlantGARDEN has determined to be improper.