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アセンブル , シーケンス , Assemble , Sequence , Chenopodium suecicum , Quinoa , Chenopodium suecicum

Chenopodium suecicum

Genome Assembly ID:t434248.G001

Sequence Name:ASM168702v1

Details of the Assembled Genome Sequences

Assembly Name ASM168702v1 Biological Sample BYU 1480
Number of Sequences 11,198 Number of Chromosomes 2n = 2x = 18
Total Length (bp) 536,949,264 N50 Length (bp) 105,389
Number of Genes 0 Number of Genes Source File NA
Number of Genes Annotated by Hayai-annotation 0 Hayai-Annotation Version zen_v2.0
Sequencing Method Illumina Read Depth NA
Assembly Method ALLPATHS-LG Estimated Genome Size (Mb) NA
Sequencing Method Comments NA Comments NA
Copyright information for the article In preparation Copyright information for the data / database In preparation
Corresponding author Mark Tester (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)) Data Source NCBI
DOI/PMID 10.1038/nature21370 Data Source URL
BUSCO Version BUSCO Dataset
BUSCO Genome BUSCO Gene (pep/cds)

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