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アセンブル , シーケンス , Assemble , Sequence , Solanum lycopersicum , Tomato , トマト

Solanum lycopersicum

Genome Assembly ID:t4081.G002

Sequence Name:SL4.0

Details of the Assembled Genome Sequences

Assembly Name SL4.0 Biological Sample cv. Heinz 1706
Number of Sequences 13 Number of Chromosomes 2n = 2x = 24
Total Length (bp) 782,520,033 N50 Length (bp) 65,269,487
Number of Genes 34,075 Number of Genes Source File ITAG4.0_proteins.fasta
Number of Genes Annotated by Hayai-annotation 34,075 Hayai-Annotation Version zen_v2.0
Sequencing Method PacBio, Illumina, Hi-C Read Depth 80x
Assembly Method Canu v1.5, Hi-C scaffolding, BioNano, 10X linked-read sequences Estimated Genome Size (Mb) 950
Sequencing Method Comments NA Comments NA
Copyright information for the article In preparation Copyright information for the data / database In preparation
Corresponding author Surya Saha (Boyce Thompson Institute) Data Source Sol Genomics Network
DOI/PMID 10.1101/767764 Data Source URL
BUSCO Version 5.1.0 BUSCO Dataset embryophyta_odb10
BUSCO Genome C:98.6%[S:98.0%,D:0.6%],F:0.5%,M:0.9%,n:1614 BUSCO Gene (pep/cds) C:91.5%[S:90.4%,D:1.1%],F:5.3%,M:3.2%,n:1614

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