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アセンブル , シーケンス , Assemble , Sequence , Arabidopsis thaliana , Thale cress , シロイヌナズナ

Arabidopsis thaliana

Genome Assembly ID:t3702.G001

Sequence Name:TAIR10

Details of the Assembled Genome Sequences

Assembly Name TAIR10 Biological Sample ecotype Col-0
Number of Sequences 7 Number of Chromosomes 2n = 2x = 10
Total Length (bp) 119,667,750 N50 Length (bp) 23,459,830
Number of Genes 27,655 Number of Genes Source File Araport11_genes.201606.pep.repr.fasta
Number of Genes Annotated by Hayai-annotation 48,359 Hayai-Annotation Version zen_v2.0
Sequencing Method Sanger, Illumina Read Depth NA
Assembly Method SPAdes, Velvet v. 1.2.10 Estimated Genome Size (Mb) 125
Sequencing Method Comments NA Comments NA
Copyright information for the article In preparation Copyright information for the data / database In preparation
Corresponding author The ArabidopsisGenome Initiative Data Source Araport
DOI/PMID 10.1038/35048692 Data Source URL
BUSCO Version 5.1.0 BUSCO Dataset embryophyta_odb10
BUSCO Genome C:99.3%[S:98.6%,D:0.7%],F:0.2%,M:0.5%,n:1614 BUSCO Gene (pep/cds) C:99.6%[S:98.9%,D:0.7%],F:0.1%,M:0.3%,n:1614

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